Virtus Training

Protecting God’s Children” --- VIRTUS Training All parents and volunteers who interact with our students MUST take the VIRTUS training class. If you work hot lunch, chaperone class parties or field trips, work in our After School Care Program, or coach a sport, you MUST take this class. Go to to find a class near you.  The class taught is Protection of Children and Young People: “Protecting God’s Children” & VIRTUS Training.  I believe it is important for you to know how we have and are keeping our children safe. ALL adults wanting to work within our school or with our children, need to attend this training. All teachers and staff have already been trained. In addition to VIRTUS training, you should know that every parent, employee, and volunteer at St. Martin of Tours has had a background check. I speak with parents whose checks have identified issues and limit their involvement accordingly. Prospective employees whose background check reveals concerns are not hired. I believe the Holy Spirit has been guiding us right along to ensure we create the safest environment for our children! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. Maria F. Martinez, Principal