Mrs. Lisa O'Sullivan


‚Äč     January News

Spotlight:    Color:  White 
                                   Shape :  Rectangle  
                                    Number:  4 and 5
                              Nursery Rhyme:  Hey Diddle Diddle
                              Songs:   The Mitten Chant
                                            I'm a Little Snowman
                                            10 Little Snowflakes
                                            The Snowball

This month we will explore winter weather, snow, winter activities and animals in winter.  

We will continue to work on name recognition, counting sets of objects up to 5, recognizing numbers 1-5 and shapes.

                                   Books of the Month

When It Starts to Snow          by Phillis Gershator
 Sadie and the Snowman           by Allen Morgan
Snow                                         by Melvin and Gilda Berger
The Biggest, Best Snowman       by Margery Cuyler
Clifford's First Snow Day         by Norman Bridwell
A Very Special Snowflake          by Don Hoffman
Millions of Snowflakes                by Mary McKenna Siddals
A Hat for Minerva Louise           by Janet Morgan Stoeke
Wonderful Winter                      by Jennifer Marino Walters
Snowy Winter Day                      by Estelle Feldman
Brown Bear, Snow Bear               by Joyce Dunbar
Snowmen at Night                       by Caralyn Buehner
The Mitten                                  by Jan Brett