8th Grade Social Studies

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elcome to 8th Grade Social Studies! My name is Mr. Gallagher, and I am a twelve year veteran teacher with a Masters of Science degree in Social Studies Education. I look forward to another year with my students exploring our nation's history in more depth. 8th Grade focuses on supporting students in their spiritual, social, and academic journeys as they become prepared for high school, with most SMT students going on to study at a Catholic high school. Students this year will be focusing on finding their own voice as they study our nation's history up to the Cold War era, which will include analyzing history, points of view, and examining the past and current events searching for truth and meaning. Students this year will also be using Chromebooks in the classroom weekly, and Google Classroom to retrieve certain assignments, take quizzes, and submit work.

**Daily homework assignments can be found for 8th grade Social Studies by clicking on the calendar function for this page and by clicking on the word "Homework" for the current day. 

Parents: Students should be reviewing what they learned in class each night for about 10 minutes, and writing down 2-3 questions about anything they still do not understand regarding the concepts being taught. It is a good idea to ask your child to teach you what they learned in social studies each day (when possible). Research proves that students can remember approximately 90% of what they are able to accurately teach to others!

 ** I will be having Extra Help for 8th Grade in my classroom (Room 15) on Tuesdays at 12:05 pm starting on 09/18/18.

If you need to contact me for any reason, you can email me at or call the St. Martin of Tours office (631-264-7166)

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