Science and Social Studies
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BIG Idea
: Plants have parts to help them meet their basic needs.  There are many kinds of plants.


Sunlight: Light from the sun

Nutrients: Things in the soil that help plants grow.

Soil: Soil is made up of small pieces of rock and once-living things

Roots: The parts that hold the plant in place

Stem: The part that holds up the plant

Leaf: The plant part that makes food for the plant

Seed: The plant part that a new plant may grow from

Flower: The plant part that makes seeds

Fruit: Fruit holds seeds

Cone: Cones hold plant seeds

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The students will be learning about our changing world.

BIG Idea: In many ways, people today are the same people who lived long ago.  But the way people live has changed over time. 


Past: The time before now

Present: The time now

Change: To become different

Technology:  All of the tools we use to make our lives easier

Timeline: A line that shows the order in which things have happened.