Ms. Blank


   Welcome to First Grade!

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Happy Monday! We have a new list of spelling words this week!  I would appreciate if you go over these words with your children throughout the week in addition to what we are doing in school.  This is important so that they become fimilar with the routine of studying and consistent homework.  Thank you so much for your continuted support at home. We are a team in helping your child succeed.

-Miss Blank


Spelling Words Week 2


1.      am

2.      at

3.      sat

4.      man

5.      dad

6.      mat


Bonus Word: help


   **Reminder that this Sunday (September 23rd) is an all grade level mass! We would love for you to join us :)   **


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Monthly scholastic catalogs will be sent out.  If you would like to order, you may order online or send in an order form. 

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